You know you live in Austin when…

13 Mar

All your friends are too busy working SXSW to go to shows. #slackerimage

Love is…

14 Jul

Love is fireworks and the Eiffel Tower shimmering on a full moon.

Eagull Seagull – Ballet or Art

Bastille Day, 2014

Six Word Story

21 Jun

Ripe woman. Swollen as strange fruit.

Austin I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

18 Jun

Dreamt of queso last night but I didn’t have tortilla chips.

Inspired by: “Shake Your Dandelion” – Ishi

3 Jun

Shake Your Dandelion by Pauline

America, the Young and Beautiful at Houston Free Press Festival

31 May




Mosquito Bit My Toe

27 May



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