Brooklyn Vegan Loft Party

23 Oct

Shimmy, Shimmy, Strand Of Oaks.

CMJ has everyone running wild in NYC. So what could be more refreshing than home-baked chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin tarts and hearing amazing musicians perform three feet away from you? Not much really, all thanks to our hosts of Brooklyn Vegan‘s hush-hush loft party last night.

Neo-folk and it’s many reinterpretations predominated the line-up, which included Headless Horseman, Bentley Addison Wood, Strand of Oaks, Matt Bauer, The Loom and more (we left before Death in it’s many forms arrived). This is also just to say that the urban-woodsman look—plaid with hair on your head and/or on your chinny-chin chin—is still in, plus instruments that you probably haven’t seen played since that brief stint in your middle school band (and a few odd balls): pots and pans, banjo, soprano/baritone ukulele, upright bass, French horn and trumpet. Watching Timothy Showalter of Strand of Oaks shimmy with his guitar, Matt Bauer plucking his banjo singing “Daddy was a spider and Momma was a fly,” and The Loom in all their polyphonic glory, I was keenly reminded of how awesome house parties of the non-college-Milwaukee’s-Beast breed really can be. And surprisingly, it was much easier getting into than Slate, especially when you’re not wearing the right kind of shoes (sorry Stan!).

Topping off the night, we spotted a didgeridoo while waiting for the L train at Bedford. The national instrument of the Aborigines in Australia requires the special talent of circular breathing to play and I couldn’t help but make note of the puddle of spit pooling at the bottom of the over-five-foot-long instrument.

A didgeridoo. It's kinda like playing a kangaroo.

Though it was the perfect night to try out my new 35mm prime lens and Snuggie for my flash piece, we unfortunately stumbled in late (missed the anonymous parking lot and secret alley) so I couldn’t get pics of Headless Horseman—but check them out at their first show at Glasslands with Crocodiles here. Also, listen and download free songs from the bands at the Whisk & Ladle Compilation on Bandcamp.


Matt Bauer: Not Your Average Banjo

The Loom Jammin'

Bentley Addison Wood

Drummer for Strand Of Oaks

Thumpin' Upright Bass Player for Matt Bauer

The Loom: Her arm disappears into the French Horn

Matt Bauer

The Loom: Soprano Ukulele

The Loom Headless

Bass Player for Matt Bauer

The Loom: Trumpeteer

Taking a break from CMJ

3 Responses to “Brooklyn Vegan Loft Party”

  1. fan October 25, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

    thanks for the pics. really wanted to go and see strand of oaks but found out about it too late.

  2. NYC Birthday July 20, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    We were just browsing the web and saw the amazing pictures on here! It looks like we missed out on a great party in Brooklyn last year! Great pics!

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